Card games on the Blockchain

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Welcome to the Future

Your world, your rules
No limits

Infinite Modes

Create Cards, Play with Friends

Build your arena, or explore the world of creators to find new strategies!

Fancy Skins

Flex Your Art

Uploaded images are protected, but stats and abilities can be used by anyone.

Open Source

Our code is free to use for anyone adding to Cardcore or creating something totally new!

Player Arenas

Cards created by players are added to their Arena. Cards can be earned, traded, or sold by you!

Blockchain Support

All Cardcore services are hosted by Etherium. That means Cardcore doesn't own your cards, you do!

Mobile Optimized

Cardcore is created to run on anything. If your system is not supported, let us know and we'll add it to the list!


Cards Created


Player Arenas


Battles Fought


Lines of Code Added

Help Us, Help You

Patreon Support

Cardcore is a passion project, and we appreciate all kinds of passion from our players. If you can contribute to our Patreon, it really helps us out, but we'll always accept new ideas too!

Join the Community

Build Together

Jump on to the boards to discuss your newest creation or throw shade at our development schedule (we don't mind). Meet creators like yourself and discuss the merits of different play styles.

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